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Tariff Inquiry
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Organization No.: 015614
Organization Type: VOCC SCAC Code: COSU
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These COSCON Tariff Nos. 015614-009B, 015614-010B, 015614-011B, 015614-014B, 015614-015B, 015614-016B are a replacement of and successor to China Shipping Tariff Nos. 019270-009, 019270-010, 019270-011, 019270-014, 019270-015, 019270-16, which were terminated effective March 6, 2016. All references to said China Shipping Tariff in China Shipping service contracts in effect as of March 7, 2016 shall as from that date be read as references to these COSCON Tariff.

For access to these tariffs, please click the link “Tariff Rules for China Shipping Transferred SC’s” for details.

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